... In the Red Sea, you need to use more weights. Attach the weights onto the cylinder band or strap to avoid backache.
If you dive often with the same buddy, donít hesitate to learn the signals for the deaf. It doesn't take a long time and it's so great to be able to communicate underwater.
Rather than paying a fortune for a diving compass, try buying one from a camping shop (as long as it is a liquid filled compass). It will be much cheaper.
You are constantly searching for your pressure gauge. Pass it under your arm (inside of the jacket) and block it with the belt. It is best to fix it to upper buckle. The pressure gauge does not drag on the ground and itís protected when you carry the tank. 

It is easy to make an ergonomic slate with a plastic tube (click on the photo). You wear it on your arm o your torch.
Do you sometimes have trouble finding the original plastic grip of the high valve?
Try replacing it with a golf ball.

If you have some trouble to put your wet suit on, use a plastic bag.

Do not leave your wet suit to dry in the sun. It will rapidly lose its suppleness and its thermal quality. 

At the end of your holiday, roll up your wet suit instead of folding it. This will prevent damaging the cellular structure of the neoprene. The best is to store it on a hanger.

If you donít find a hanger on the boat for the wet suit. you can take a rope.

In order to avoid a misting mask, spit in it before you wet it. If it does not work, spread toothpaste over the silicone. After one night, rinse well. It is not a luxury to take a second mask when you go on holiday to a remote area. A mask is easily lost or broken.
For night dives, consider taking a small secondary torch.
Remember to take a big plastic bag with you. If you cannot dry your equipment before you leave, at least the rest of your luggage will stay dry.

In order to avoid knots in the cord of your buoy, coil it carefully rather than winding it round the buoy.
Rinse all your electronic equipment well with fresh water. This avoids the formation of a thin organic layer on the water contacts.
If you donít like wearing your divers knife on your calf, I find it convenient to attach it to one of the low pressure hose.
To find his fins (computerÖ) between others, itís easier if you make specific marks (notch for example).

You know tricks, write to me (tell your name or your pseudo).

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