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Christophe PELICIER
Adresse mail : toff110@yahoo.fr

ABYSS Diving center
Adresse : Flic en Flac
Téléphone :  + 230 7224990
Fax : + 230 4538109 / +230 4539601

The club has a human dimension but it means that you need to reserve if you are numerous.
The rate is about 800 Rs (around twice cheaper than in the hotel). 

We dove in 3 spots. The water was about 24°C. 

Splendid arch, cave, vertical tunnel.
Max deep: 30 m

The famous ďRempartĒ snake
One of the best dives in Maurice. You can find a lot of different kind of lion fish, stone fish, scorpion fish and moray eel. This dive is inescapable but better to care where you put your hands.
Max deep: 26 m

Couline Bambou
Narrow pass, tunnel, canyon, a fun dive.
Max deep : 30 m

For the high level: the Mauritius club use to reduce the deep of the dives. Itís safer but Mauritius offers very beautiful dives about 50/60 meters where the coral is rich and alive. Ask Christophe to take you to his secrets gardens. You will not regret it.

For more information, see http://bonsetmauvaisplans.free.fr/ (in french)

The money
The local money is the Mauritius rupee.  
The abbreviation is ďRsĒ. In 2005, one rupee equals 0,03 euro.
You can find bank or cash machine in each big town or in the tourist sites.

No vaccine necessary. Near the cost, there were no mosquitos but in the interior of the island, itís better to use a good anti mosquito product (OFF, 5/5,Ö)

The weather
The temperature is always fine, never unbearable thanks to the wind from south east. The winter is from June to September and the temperature oscillates between 17°C and 25°C during the day.  After 6 pm, itís useful to wear a sweater. November is probably the best month to go in Maurice.

Violent rain and hot temperature 25/30°C begin from January to mars.

If you negotiate a little, a taxi for all the day isnít more expensive than the hire of a car and you will not get lost you in the towns.
Donít hesitate to ask to the Mauritian. They speak Creole and French.
Be careful, the police are watching. If you donít have your belt or you call with your cellular, they will give a severe fine.

We were in the Sofitel Impérial. The spa of 1 000 m2 and his gardens must be seen.
This hotel has been refined completely and it gives all the comfort of a 5 star hotel.

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